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The Hotel copter features 18 luxuriously-appointed rooms for adrenaline junkies seeking a truly unique and memorable travel experience. Each soundproofed room is equipped with a queen-sized bed, fine linens, a mini-bar, coffee machine, wireless internet access, and all the luxurious appointments you’d expect from a flying five star hotel.


Not only that London has its own giant ferris wheel known as London Eye (135 metre high), Malaysia has caught up with its own Eye on Malaysia (60 metre high) which was launched on 6 Jan 2006. But sadly, Malaysia’s structure won’t be a permanent fixture as it will be taken down after 31 Dec 06.

Dubai in United Arab Emirates will be having its own similar structure called the Great Dubai Wheel in which I did blog about on 15 Oct 2006. It will be a 185 metre ferris wheel. Well, maybe due to egoistic problem, the emirates next to it, Abu Dhabi, may have one such structure to lure visitors to their emirates. Architectural designs, as below, have been seen and looks very impressive to me compared to the other 3 as mentioned above.

The World’s first Undersea Restaurant made of totally glass now completed on it’s function. It was started in the 15th April 2008. Now it’s work properly. All the visitor visit this good place. Dubai, Dubai Hydropolis Underwater Hotel, Maldives Undersea Restaurant, Underwater Restaurant, Undersea Restaurant, Rangalifinolhu Island, Hilton Maldives Resort.

This a big hall and seeing that the totally water environment around us what a amazing atmosphere there ! who don’t like dinner at this cool place. “We have used aquarium technology makes diners face-to-face with the stunning underwater environment, the Maldives,” said Carsten Schieck, General Manager Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa “Our customers always comment on that is blown out of the color, clarity and beauty of underwater World, the Maldives, so it seemed an excellent idea to build a restaurant where customers will be able to experience the fine cuisine and take time to enjoy the views – will never get the feet wet. ”

We can see the beauty of the sea here. All the animals of the sea now this is only one and one place where we see it safely. Created by MJ Murphy Ltd., the design consultancy, New Zealand, Ithaa’s distinctive feature is the use of curved transparent acrylic walls and the ceiling, which is similar to that used in aquarium attractions. “The fact that the entire restaurant except for the floor is made clear, acrylic makes this unique in the world,” continues Schieck, “We are currently planting a garden with water coral reefs to increase the number of points of view, rays, sharks and many colorful fish that live around the area

Ya.. as i tell you here this visitor couple enjoying the animal of the see. The Maldives | April 15 marks the date when the first all-glass between the restaurant, a World opens its doors to business at Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa. Ithaa will sit five meters below the waves in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by a coral reef and a vibrant embedded in clear acrylic offering diners 270 degrees, the underwater views.

In this Restaurant dinner is also very testy. So much for Hydropolis Underwater restaurant that Dubai wanted, it was rumor that the project is to cancel because of financial problems. From the Earth in 16% of GDP in Dubai economy has speculated on the artificial boom and prosperity, it is a fundamental principle of the universe that any reaction would create a de-adverse effects, this is the equation and it is a matter of time before the whole country in collapse accrue from the ruins. What do you think about this Restaurant ? A;so watch out the live videos from this amazing place of the sea.